Cyber Weekend Sales!!!




Well, the turkey has been eaten and the leftovers stored away to get us through the rest of the weekend!  Now, it’s time to SHOP!!!!

I’m getting a bit of a late start on this whole Black Friday/Cyber Weekend thing.  Honestly, the sales have just overwhelmed me and I have not known where to start.  So, I’ve decided to streamline it and keep it simple.

I’m going to give the low-down on the sales happening at 4 of my favorite stores: Nordstrom, Loft, Victoria’s Secret, and American Eagle.  Let’s get started!

Nordstrom: BEAUTY.  Sale lasts Nov. 23-27.  Personal faves include:

A. Philosophy Shower Gel

B. Clinique More Than Moisture Set

C. Mario Badescue Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater Trio.  Cult favorite!

D. Ouai On My Ouai Kit


Nordstrom Women’s Clothes & Accessories.  Some items featured in above pictures.

      A.  Free People Laguna Thermal Top

B.  Lush Roll Tab Tunic

C.  Halogen V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

D. BP Plaid Infinity Scarf

E. Halogen Slouchy Cashmere Beanie

F. AG The Legging Jeans

G. Rag and Bone High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans

H. Hunter Original Refined Matte Rain Boot

I. Eileen Fisher Hall Pointy Toe Flat

J. Stuart Weitzman Notazzi Boots



American Eagle: 40% off the Aerie Collection.  PJ Pants $20, Aerie undies 10 for $35.

A. Oversized Quarter-Zip Top

B. Double Pom-Tastic Beanie

C. Plush Legging Tee

D. Velour Harem Pant

E. Plaid Tunic Top


Loft Sale.  50% off everything with code FRIYAY

A. Pave Chain Tassel Necklace

B. Slit Mockneck Sweater

C. Reversible Faux Fur Vest

D. Plaid Tie Sleeve Tunic

E. Lou and Grey Snowbird Sweater

F. Striped Flair Dress

G. Skinny Velvet Tuxedo Pants


Victoria’s Secret Sale: All Bras $35 and Under.  PJ Sets $39.50, with free slipper set, with code PJBonus.

A. Perfect Shape Full Coverage Bra

B. Very Sexy Lace and Mesh Plunge Bralette

C. Sexy T Push-Up Bra

D. The Afterhours Satin Pajama

E. Body By Victoria Boxie PJ



Happy Shopping!

If there are any sales that I missed, but you would like to see, just leave me a message!










Casual Wear that Doubles as Lounge Wear!

IMG_2722 (2)

IMG_2726 (2)IMG_2720


IMG_2728 (2)IMG_2735 (2)



Come on, ladies, you know what I’m talking about.  You get up before sunrise (or later, if you are truly lucky), grab your coffee, and head to your closet.  First things first, deciding what to wear.  You look bewilderingly at all. the. clothes.  There are tons of great choices there.  But, it’s 6 am (if you’re like me that is), and it’s just too early.  So, you grab the first thing you see, a pretty pencil skirt that you pair with a lacy blouse.  You look awesome.  You feel good.  Let’s get this day started!

*Disclaimer: I realize that many people choose their outfits the night before.  That is wonderful and if you are one of those people, then I am in awe of you.  However, this post is meant for those of us who just can’t get it together the night before: the dog’s zooming through the house, the kids are playing with your makeup, and it’s been ages since you caught up on this season’s Stranger Things.  So, something’s gotta give, and guess what, it’s your outfit planning!


You finally make it home that evening.  Your feet hurt from the pumps you wore, your skirt keeps riding up, and that lacy blouse is itchier than you remember!  You can’t wait to change into something comfy.  Cue loungewear.

But what if you could wear really soft, comfortable clothes all day and STILL look put together!  Casual/Lounge wear to the rescue!

Let me explain…you aren’t wearing pajamas out and about to the office or coffee shop.  But you may as well be.

I wouldn’t exactly call this look Athleisure, although it is similar.  This is just a bit more polished than Athleisure.  No hoodies or sneakers.  Think leggings: regular, faux leather, metallic, fleece, whatever you want!  Pick an oversized shirt with a special detail.  In the above pics, I chose a fleece Gibson top with a pretty ballet neckline, and paired it with a red lace bralette for an extra touch of flair.

Add booties (leopard, suede, metallic, etc.), or over the knee boots and you will be both comfortable and on trend!


More casual looks that translate to lounge wear below:






So, what’s your favorite lounge wear-to-casual wear look??



White booties and monochrome details

Hi all!  I will be the first to admit that I just wasn’t so sure about this white bootie trend.  Yes, it’s big this fall, and it is different, but really??  White booties, in the fall and winter…just wasn’t my thing.

Then, it happened.  I saw THE pair of boots, white even, that I just had to have!  I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Shana Draugelis, creator of  The Mom Edit, wearing them and they were perfect.  They do come in black, which I always gravitate toward with my outfits, but these were just. so. cool.



Seriously, I had to abandon my no-white-booties principle, but it was worth it.

It has taken awhile to get used to white booties.  They tend to cut your leg off in an awkward way, so they can make your legs look stumpy, especially if you are wearing a sock boot.

The solution???  A monochrome outfit!



The various shades of grey produce a long, clean line, but are broken up with the plaid shirt.  If you want to try the white bootie trend in a subtle, understated way, go monochrome.


The ducks were soooo disappointed that we didn’t have food for them!


I am a white bootie convert.  I find that I reach for these booties more often than my trusty black ones, and even my pattered booties.  They go with everything, and really do make a statement!

They would be gorgeous for the holidays.  I’m thinking a red dress, or blue jeans and a navy velvet shirt, if you want to go more casual.  They would also be perfect with leggings and a frilly top.

Have any of you tried white booties?  If so, send along a picture of how you styled them!









Heavenly Hoodies

I love comfort!  Comfort food, comfort blankets, comfort clothes…give’em all to me!  One of my favorite clothes items, that fall in that comfort category, are hoodies!

Hoodies are casual.  They look good with jeans or yoga pants.  But, surprisingly, you can also dress them up with a pair of faux leather leggings.  I also like them paired with jean or corduroy skirts, and with casual dresses.  You can flair them up with a trendy booty or, if you really want to stand out, over the knee boots.

The hoodie that I’m wearing in the below pic came from Target.  It is part of their Mossimo brand, which is actually on its way out to make room for new brands, like A New Day.  I LOVE the A New Day stuff.  It’s full of fun prints, cozy sweaters and lovely dresses.  I just happened across this hoodie in the store and fell in love.


You can find my hoodie here:


I like that the hoodie is thin and light-weight.  It is a pullover, and has an interesting lace-up feature at the neckline.  It’s just an easy look for everyday.  It’s also surprisingly warm, considering it’s thinness.


Below you will find some more options, including a few for children.  Bella LOVES her unicorn hoodie:)



I found this little treasure at TJ Maxx.  It’s Isaac Mizrahi.  I will link to similar hoodies.



Happy Shopping!






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Bean Boots and Plush Plaid

Hey there!  I came home on this cold, wet day to find a wonderful surprise waiting on the porch…my Bean boots had arrived!  I have been so excited about these boots.  I don’t own a pair of all-weather boots, and I wasn’t too pleased with the options I found out there.  I’m not a fan of the all-rubber rain boot, even though I know they are great for rain.  They also come in some pretty fun colors to brighten up a dreary day.  My problem is they either slip up and down on my feet, making me sound like a horse trotting around the track, or if I go down a half size, they are too tight.  Rainboots and my feet just do not get along!

Enter the Bean boot.  I’ve never owned anything from L.L. Bean, but I recently read a review of the various types of Bean boots on Kelly in the City.  The creator of that blog, Kelly Larkin, lives in Chicago, and she knows a thing or two about finding good footwear for the cold, rain, and snow.  She highly recommends the Bean boots, so I decided to do a little investigating.

I really like the look of these duck boots.  They are a good combination of unique and just plain weird.  But, I don’t know, there’s just something about the mixing of leather and rubber that works!  I also just LOVE the classic color combinations.  Bean boots come in tan/navy, navy/kelly green, red wine/black, and even navy/bright fuchsia!  Of course, not every color combo is available for every shoe, but you get the point.

Let’s talk about the good and the bad of Bean boots.

The Good:

*These boots are American made.  Manufacturing facilities are located in Brunswick, Maine. While L.L. Bean produces a variety of products, including totes, sweaters and coats, Bean boots remain the most iconic product of the brand.  The assembly process and sewing of Bean boots is all done by hand.  That makes these boots a work of art, in my opinion.

*Bean boots are comfortable and hold up extremely well.  They are made for severe weather and can stand up to the elements whether it be a mountain trail or a city street.  They can last for years, even with heavy wear.


The Bad (or at least, not as good):

* Sizing for Bean boots can be a bit tricky.  They only come in whole sizes.  How the boots will fit depends on the type of socks you wear.  For example, when ordering the 8″ Women’s Bean Boots, the company recommends that whole sizes order one size down if wearing light or midweight socks.  Half sizes should order 1 1/2 sizes down.  If you plan on wearing heavyweight socks, the company recommends that whole sizes order your normal size, half sizes order the next size down.  Whewww, that’s a lot to keep track of!  If you are a woman with small feet, you may have some trouble finding the right fit.  The smallest size available in women’s Bean boots is a size 6.  That’s a problem for me, because I wear a size 6, and there is no smaller size in most Bean boots.  That was the main reason that I decided to buy the Chelsea 7″ Bean boot.  I was able to order it in my normal size.  Just be alert when shopping for Bean boots.  You have to read the description and make sure that you order the right size.

*If the boot you want is back-ordered, you could be waiting awhile.  It is not uncommon to wait 3-4 months to have your order filled.  But, I would argue that these boots are worth the wait!



I am obsessed with my new boots!  They are so comfortable.  Even with lightweight socks, there is no slipping on my heel.  They will definitely fit snugger with heavier socks, but I will probably often wear them with regular cotton socks.  Because that’s just how I roll.  These boots are also cute.  They will look equally good with skinny jeans, leggings, or even a casual dress.  I love a hard-working boot!





You can find links to my shirt (LOVE) and jeans below this pic.

American Eagle Flannel Shirt:

AG Jeans:


Other styles of Bean Boots:



Happy Shopping!




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New Beginnings

Warning: Sappy, sentimental post to follow!

This year, we have a brand new house.  Our starter home, which we adored, sold within 48 hours of going on the market!  While that was wonderful, it also meant that we had 30 days to pack up and leave.  We had to be out of our house by the end of June 2016, and our new house would not be finished until around Thanksgiving 2016.  My father was a huge blessing to us.  He offered to let my little family move in with him while our house was under construction.

We spent five months in my childhood home.  While it definitely had its stressful moments (no wonder, when you put 3 adults, 1 toddler, 3 cats, and 1 dog under one roof), I will always cherish the memories we made there.  Bella got to experience a bit of her childhood under the same roof where I was raised.  She climbed the same steps, played on the same playground, and slept in the same room as me when I was a child.  The added significance was that she was surrounded by my Mom’s things.  My mom died 4 years ago.  I had just discovered that we were expecting one week before she passed away.  She never got to meet our daughter, but she did know that Bella was on the way, and it gave her hope and joy during a very dark time.  So, having Bella live in my parents’ house, surrounded by my Mother’s favorite treasures, like her Fenton basket collection and all of her intricate cross stitches, made me happy.  It felt like Bella was getting to know my Mom in a way that could not have happened had we not stayed in her house.  My Mom was so much a part of that house, even after she was gone, that Bella started asking questions and wanting to know more about “Grandma Belle.”  While Bella has always adored my dad, she also got to know the grandmother who would have loved her so much!

We moved into our new home a couple weeks before Christmas.  We had fun decorating for that holiday, but I was excited to decorate for fall, since it’s my very favorite time of the year!!  I was so anxious, in fact, that we started decorating in early September.  My Dad complained that it wasn’t officially fall yet.   Didn’t matter to me.  Starbucks was selling pumpkin spice lattes, so in my book, it was fall!  I love walking into my home and seeing the leaves, pumpkins, and even a hay bale!  At the end of a long day, I’ll put on a pot of coffee (I drink it all day long), turn on an autumn spice candle, and enjoy the atmosphere.  That atmosphere that I’m talking about usually involves a happily laughing child, a greyhound rooing in the background, and three cats chasing each other through the rooms.  That’s home to me!


Bella chose the purple pillow.  Guess what her favorite color is?


Just about a year and a half after we sold our starter home, my dad sold my childhood home, a home that he had shared with my Mother for over 38 years.  He actually bought a townhouse in the same neighborhood where we live.  While I was sad to see the house sold, I know it was for the best.  A split foyer with a large backyard and quite a few oak trees is not the best piece of property for an older person.  Dad is thrilled with his new home, and he brought Mom’s basket and cross stitch collection with him to his new place.  The old adage really is true: A house is just made up of walls and floors.  It’s the love, laughter and joy shared within those walls that makes a house a home.  Thankfully in my family, we have plenty of that to go around!







Nordstrom Fall Sale Roundup!

Ya’ll, my very favorite sale of the year is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  It’s the best time to stock up on all those fall goodies that Nordstrom puts on discount.  Nothing better than buying sale items for fall the summer before!  Now, Nordstrom’s fall sale is on.  Now through November 12, take up to 40% off regular price items.  Honestly, the prices are almost as good as they were during the anniversary sale!

I thought I would do a roundup of some of my favorites from this sale.  I’ve tried to include a variety of price points, while picking through the best (IMHO) that the Nordstrom Fall Sale has to offer!  I’ve focused on tops, jeans, shoes and handbags, but there is also a wide variety of lounge wear available.  You will find images and descriptions below, with affiliate links at the bottom of the page.

Ok, here we go!!!

Sole Society ‘Dolce’ Genuine Calf Hair Clutch – Black • Sole Society • $41.96

Topshop Premium Leather & Suede Crossbody Bag – Black • Topshop • $60

Allsaints Casey Calfskin Leather & Suede Hobo – Blue • AllSaints • $208.80

Shiraleah Verna Embroidered Minaudiere – Red • Shiraleah • $19.80

Women’s Hunter Original Refined Matte Rain Boot • Hunter • $146.25

Women’s Vince Camuto Karinda Over The Knee Boot • Vince Camuto • $159.90

Women’s Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ Chelsea Boot • Sam Edelman • $99.90

Women’s Tory Burch Laila Driver Ballet Flat • Tory Burch • $119–137

Women’s Eileen Fisher Hall Pointy Toe Flat • Eileen Fisher • $134.98

Women’s Paul Green Noreen Pump • Paul Green • $179.40

Women’s Vince Wade High Top Sneaker • Vince • $167.50

Women’s Halogen Molly Pointy Toe Flat • Halogen • $44.96

Women’s Vince Camuto Down & Feather Fill Parka With Faux Fur Trim • Vince Camuto • $199.90

Women’s Gibson Side Tie Sweatshirt • Gibson • $35.40

Women’s Perfect Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic • Lush • $27.90

Women’s Equipment Melanie Cashmere Sweater • Equipment • $178.80

Women’s Free People Swim Too Deep Turtleneck Sweater • Free People • $76.80

Women’s Halogen Long Open Front Cardigan • Halogen • $49.90

Women’s Bp. Distressed Stripe Pullover • BP • $31.20

Women’s Bp. Bell Sleeve Tee • BP • $17.40

Women’s Lysse High Waist Faux Leather Leggings • Lysse • $64.80

Women’s Paige Brigitte Crop Boyfriend Jeans • Paige • $140.03

Women’s Paige Verdugo Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans • Paige • $133.33

Women’s Madewell Embroidered High Waist Boyfriend Jeans • Madewell • $88.80

Women’s Rag & Bone/jean High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans • Rag & Bone • $132.66

Petite Women’s Eliza J Bell Sleeve Dress • Eliza J • $82.80

Women’s Chelsea28 Ruffle Layer Minidress • Chelsea28 • $53.40

Women’s N:philanthropy Azul Dress • $76.80


Happy Shopping!





*The above post does make use of affiliate links.